Tuesday, July 25, 2006

TLC End of Summer Bowl!

Join us at Classic Bowl, 8530 Waukegan Road, August 17, 1 - 3 pm for the MGPL Teen Library Council End of Summer Bowl! The third meeting of the TLC will be at Classic Bowl to have some fun before the first week back to school. Sign up and have your permission form turned in at the Library by Monday, August 14. We will be meeting at the bowling alley. Hope to see you there! Any questions? Call us at 847-929-5101.

The first fall meeting of TLC will be Thursday, September 14, 7 pm.



aww i cant come!!! :(
but i hope evryone has a great time
thnx katy!!

jay said...

ya might not be able to come either but i will ask Shawn if he could give me a ride with his sister

Jenny said...

i dont have the fieldtrip form can you send it to me?

MGPL Teen Librarian said...

You can print the permission form from this address,
or come to the Reference Desk at the Library to pick one up.

Anonymous said...

How many people so far?

MGPL Teen Librarian said...

Eleven people so far. I hope to post some photos when we get back!

Anonymous said...

Katy, I had a great time bowling and we should defenetly do this again some other time.