Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Year's Costume Bowl Photos!!

We never knew if we would witness a gutter ball, spare, or strike with each bowl so it kept us watching, cheering, celebrating, and laughing. Especially after each strike or spare when the bowler would then chose an item from the costume pile to wear.

Most of the bowlers hung in for FOUR games! And then we decided that our magic number for prime performance was THREE games! The yummy pizza gave us a second wind...though we had to wait WAY TOO LONG for it to show up.

For some reason our capes, sequins, humorous ties, aprons, cat ears, funny hats, tiaras, and other apparel seemed to amuse some of the bowlers on other lanes. Maybe not as much as we amused ourselves!!

I look forward to brainstorming and planning many more Library events with everyone that can come to the Teen Library Council meeting on Thursday, January 25 @ 7 pm! All teens are welcome, so feel free to bring a friend. See you there! Happy 2007!

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omg yay!! they r soo adorable! it was sooo much fun =] thnx katie!