Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Freshman Orientation @ Maine East H.S.

Maine East High School continued its Freshman Orientation last week with a tour of their library. I was at Maine East High School's Library on Friday, talking to classes about MGPL's teen programs and services and giving students information on how to get a Morton Grove Library card. Students learned that after school closes, the Library is a great place to get extra help with school work. I told students about our 24 Hour Library- where you can download books and videos, research a topic, and ask a Librarian a question anytime of the day! Students also loved that Morton Grove PL has a Video Game collection, a Teen Zone to watch movies and listen to music, and has a growing collection of PlayAways (the latest in audiobooks). Check the Library's Catalog to see what is available. How? Go to Power Search and change the type of material to either Video Game or Audiobook-PlayAway, press the return key on your computer and start browsing!

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