Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Battle of the Books Final Score

Battle of the Books 2010-2011 has ended!  The final two teams played their last battle today.  Here are the scores for this week...

Wed., April 19
Golf (118 points)
Our Lady of Perpetual Help (97 points)

Thurs., April 14
Park View (104 points)
East Prairie (74 points)

And the final scores ARE...
East Prairie School = 335 points
Golf Middle School = 548 points

Jerusalem Lutheran School = 395 points

Old Orchard Junior High = 573 points

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School = 489 points

Park View School = 386 points

Congratulations to Old Orchard Junior High for winning the competition this year!
The proud Bulldog Brigade after their last battle.

Thanks to everyone for participating this year!  You all did a great job!  Don't forget -- next year's list is ready! Check it out here:

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